12 Things He’s Going to Love About You

I wish I had this list while I was married. Hind sight is 20/20 😉

The Fickle Heartbeat

12 Things He's Going to Love About You

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I recently wrote the 12 ways to win her heart Listicle.

If turnaround is fair play than a reciprocating list(icle) seems appropriate. I’m not a dude (thank God) but I know a couple and I’ve done some research. Here is the list, sure-fired to win his heart.

12 Things He’s Going to Love About You

1.) Climb a Tree. Ok, it doesn’t have to be a tree, but do something. Something that reminds you to be spontaneous and free. Not the dishes! Aspire to do more than playhouse and if you find somebody that wants to playhouse, especially if they only want to playhouse, RUN AWAY. He’s boring or he wants you to be, or needs you to be.

2.) Laugh Out-loud. Don’t laugh when he smashes his finger changing your flat tire. (Even though that shit is funny) but do laugh at his…

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