The iPhone 6 Plus Pre-order Experience ;)

Originally, I had no intention of doing reviews on my blog and I’m not still not sure that’s what this will be but I feel the need to communicate my anxiety over this damn phone. So like most Applenians I always want the latest phone. What’s odd is that I don’t have the need to upgrade my other devices just my phone. My MacBook Pro is a few years old and I still have the iPad 2. I am seriously considering the iPad Air; however, my new phone is so big…maybe not. So let me share my Apple story….

I watched the launch during the WCWW (or something like that…don’t kill me guys) to see what Apple had to offer this year. It is always at this time that I miss Steve the most (yes we’re on first name bases). He has the best charisma when it came to getting you hyped about a new device. Don’t get me wrong Tim does ok he’s just no Steve. No offense or shade as they say these days. Anyway I was most ecstatic about the BIG screen aka 6 plus. I marked my calendar and prepared myself for a midnight pre-order. Unlike last year, I made the mistake of having a balance on my bill and couldn’t order. I paid it immediately but the system refused to show paid until it uploaded over night causing to pre-order the following day and having to wait over a month for my phone. I waited so long the stores had them in stock and I will still waiting for my delivery. No not this year! And let me repeat…I had a balance NOT PAST DUE but a balance. I paid it early so I wouldn’t have that issue this year. I learn fast!

Well I set the clock (not sure why because I couldn’t sleep). I woke up, booted up my computer, and logged on to AT&T so  I could pre-order. I was so excited because it said I was too early but it would take order shortly. The screen changed so I could order and I clicked…well what happened next shocked me to death. It said something to effect that I was in line and when my turn came up the screen would change so I could place my order. Well it refreshed and refreshed and refreshed AND refreshed for literally over an hour. I had to go to bed as I had work the next day. I was so upset. Half asleep I decided to order at lunch the next day but directly from Apple. I had no problem whatsover EXCEPT my delivery date was a whole 30 days away. WHAT???????

I told you earlier I learn fast so from now on I will NOT wake up at midnight but I will order the moment I wake up. Friends who ordered around 4am still got their phones on launch day. Waiting 12 hours killed me and will NEVER happen again. I need my phone when everyone else gets theirs. This phenomenon is outrageous. I used to think Apple was afraid to make too many but at this point I have decided they enjoy torturing us. Every year this happens. There is never a launch that doesn’t inspire the purchase of millions of phones so Apple should start making the new one now so there’s enough supply for the demand. You could also continue to watch us work ourselves in a frenzy trying to get our hands on it.

I was fortunate to receive my phone a week earlier than anticipated but it still was too long for me. With Instagram and Twitter you see everyone else who received their phones and its down right disturbing. Now I was happy to get my phone early but I was so busy when it arrived. I couldn’t activate it for two days. What an even greater torture than not having it. I was concerned it would be too big because I went to visit a Sprint store and held one in my hand. I thought it was great and the perfect size until I came to the realization I was holding the 6 and not the 6 plus. Rather than cancel my order, I decided to try it first and return it if I didn’t like it. I was hopeful that by this time, Apple would actually have stock in the store. Well all of this was a moot point because it took all of 10 minutes for me to become comfortable with the size. I remembered to double tap to drop the icons so I’m good to go using it with one hand.

The camera is absolutely incredible! I also bought the leather case (red); however, I’m rethinking this decision. I recently saw a woman in the Apple store with a clear fitted case and am seriously considering getting it. It doesn’t take away from the phone visually or impact the sleek design. It’s the perfect case! Oh what color did I get????? I went with the Space Gray even though I LOVE the gold. One reason is because I typically alternate colors each year and I had gold last year. The second reason is every woman I see has the gold. I like to go against the grain if you can’t tell.

Functionally this phone works but I struggle using the ipod as I did with my 5S. I made the decision to buy a shuffle for this purpose to preserve the safety of my phone. I probably should have made this decision a long time ago but hey it’s never too late.  Whew so what was the point of sharing all this? No purpose! I was just a bit frustrated with the wait but in the end I love the product as usual. My names is Aries and I’m an Applenian!



About ariessays

I have no other purpose but to honestly share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping someone else cope with this journey called life.
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