And HE delivers on HIS promise….

So it’s been almost two months and I have finally received a desired job offer. In fact, I received a level higher of management than I originally anticipated. Look at God!

If nothing else, I have been honest. I was in a place where doubt and fear were growing because unemployment was running out and the phone stopped ringing. After having a “come to Jesus” meeting with myself, I had to tell truth! The phone hadn’t stopped ringing, I stopped doing my part. As I’ve said in the past, faith without works is dead. I had gotten discouraged and stopped putting in the level of tenacity I exhibited months ago. After kicking my butt in gear, I started applying for jobs I wanted and jobs that slightly scared me. Needless to say, I landed one that scared me.

Everything about the interview process was seamless and organic. I was asked about a function in my past during the phone screen. I was 100% honest and said I couldn’t remember much about it but had completed in my past. I thought to myself that I blew the screen and probably wouldn’t hear back from them. The following week I received a request for a face to face interview. I was asked about the same function again but I stayed true to myself and repeated my answer from the previous week. I thought uh oh that probably wasn’t a good idea. I was told there were more interviews and they would make a decision to offer. The next week, I received a request for another interview. Although confused from what I was previously told, I remained open and accepted the invite. As all thee others….the final interview was yet another organic conversation. I felt at home! I didn’t say what they wanted to hear but what I believed and how I would attribute those beliefs to the organization. Two days later, they requested a completed application and back ground release. The following week, I received an offer! The entire process took three and a half weeks total.

The offer was $5000 less than what I listed as a desired annual salary. When asked if there was room for negotiation, I was told yes but not at my desired amount because of all the other senior managers salaries. I then asked if we could split the difference and they swiftly agreed. Truth is, I would have accepted the original offer but decided to ask just in case the answer was yes. Another lesson I learned in this journey is to not tell myself no before asking others the question. Just as in this case, the answer could be just what you want, a compromise, or the no you already expected.

When God decides you’re ready, he will pour out the blessing but not a moment before hand. I have transformed so much this year that I can’t even articulate all the changes. I have flourished in my relationship with the Lord and it continues to grow daily. I feel at peace with who I am and not who others think I should be. I am no longer going to place limits on myself that are not there. I once read that fear = false evidence appearing real. I now believe this is true. Once I put my fear aside and trusted myself, everything fell into place. I’m so excited for the next chapter in my life. Because I’m different, I will do things differently. I know my purpose is to leave people better than I found them. This is a huge undertaking in my field but I’m up for the challenge.

I’m grateful to God for entrusting me with this new task. I will not disappoint HIM!  I will continue to use his grace and mercy as my testimony. And most importantly, I will seek HIM during my trials and KNOW that all things (good and bad) are working together for my good in the long run.  I have found myself in this journey and I owe it all to HIM.

My advice to anyone who has a dream in their heart but fear in their head….push through! The doubts will come but hold on! Be still and try to find the lesson. What is it HE wants you to get before he gives you the blessing? Me? It was purpose, patience, and a genuine love and respect for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Find your lesson…then earn your blessing. Do all that you can do and leave the rest to God!

HE will deliver and ON TIME!



About ariessays

I have no other purpose but to honestly share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping someone else cope with this journey called life.
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  1. Shola says:

    Interesting, I’m very happy for you.

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