Satan Loves To Block Blessings

Hahahahhaha ironic this never got posted…..posting anyway!


It’s women’s month at church and we’re having corporate Prayer every Monday night for various reasons. Tonight was for single women. I decided I should go because I’m struggling in this season.

I rushed home to take care of my fur babies. I ate a quick dinner and rushed off to church. I arrived earlier than expected so I decided to pass time by getting some gas. I used my card and placed it in my pocket. I finished pumping, secured my tank, and grabbed my receipt. I got in the car and went in my pocket to find my card to place back in my wallet. To my surprise, the card was gone. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.

I have been working really hard to change the parts of myself that I’m least proud of. Satan knows this and knows me. The old Aries would have had a level 10 fit. What does that mean? Anger, frustration, tears, and more than likely would have gone home because my night was ruined.

I’m focusing on God and His desires for my behavior. I made a decision to do what I planned and attend prayer. I called the credit card company and placed my card on hold. I went to church and received such a blessing. Fellowship with my single sisters was priceless. I’m so glad I didn’t let Satan block my blessing.

My heart is changing! I’m so proud of the person I am becoming. I’m making wiser decisions and being a blessing to others. It’s such a gift to walk in your purpose. I can only give the glory to God and my savior Jesus Christ. I said all of that to say, when things are going wrong don’t give in. Satan is trying to deter you. If you know this, you can remain focused and meet all of your goals.

Be encouraged šŸ™šŸ½


About ariessays

I have no other purpose but to honestly share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping someone else cope with this journey called life.
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