Growing in Grace – Faith

Last week’s readings were all about faith which I thought I had until last week. I was forced to tell the truth about my faith level which has become an area of development. My first epiphany was realizing that I have selective memory when it comes to the Lord’s work. I have personally experienced miracles but I forget about them in times of trouble. The same God who performed the last miracle will perform the next one. “He Whispers…” reminded me that my faith must be built on the truth of knowing that His love comes with provision, protection, and present power.

Faith requires you to not focus on the chaos but on Him. When overwhelmed, I need to get still. Walk by faith not by sight! Yep…got it! I don’t know about you but you can’t just tell me anything. I need to see it for myself. This principle says ignore what you see and know it will all work out even when it appears impossible. I support the principle but believing in it is a struggle. Did I just admit that as a Christian woman? Yes because the truth shall set you free. If I don’t admit my areas of weakness, I can’t possibly overcome them let alone change them!

The book talks about how there are times you are basking in the light and darkness suddenly takes over. I remember times of absolute bliss and boom…something tragic happens. I mean the type of tragedy where the wind is knocked out of you and it feels like you won’t regain your breathing rhythm again but then HE swoops in and everything works out according to His perfect plan. The key is remembering you’re not in it alone and that it is temporary. One of my favorite passages says (paraphrasing) weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. The metaphorical night is sometimes long and the morning may take days or even years BUT if you just push/pray through it…the pain WILL STOP! During the “nights”, you are not by yourself.

God is with you and all you need is Him. I never quite understood this phrase until now. Have you ever been in a crisis and you reached out to so many people searching for one of them to make you feel better? You may feel a moment of calm but the conversation ends and you are alone with your thoughts and pain yet again. Do you know why this happens? Because all you need is Him! There is something about emotional pain that only God can carry you through. You have to know that all things work together for your good. It’s not just another cliche. When you take the time to truly reflect over an entire situation (when its resolved of course), you will see the artistically woven plan for that season. The intricate details of action and timing will overwhelm you. Lessons are learned here. Lives are changed here. People are delivered in this very space because you know you couldn’t see any possible way out in the thousands of scenarios you formulated and now here you stand…happy and whole! That’s our God!

He wants us to spend time with Him so we can learn to see beyond the surface. It’s about going inside yourself to hear His voice. You have to know whatever plan you have for your life is nothing compared to God’s plan. Stay focused on Him so you can have perfect peace in the center of a storm. The most startling revelation this week was learning that faith requires trust. Well I have trust issues so I’m already behind the curve. 😦 I somehow failed to make the connection between faith and trust. You have to trust in the promise which gives you faith when hope has escaped. The trust shuts down the negative voices that will show up in the valley, and they will show up, because we’re human! The goal is not to eliminate doubt but to face it head on believing that all will be well.

This coming week I will dive into prayer as I’ve learned thus far how to quiet anxiety and activate faith. “He Whispers…” is a gift and a tool to assist me in tapping into His power as I continue to receive His mercy and grace.

Until next time….


 *This series is a summary of my lessons from He Whispers Your Name by Cherie Hill*



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I have no other purpose but to honestly share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping someone else cope with this journey called life.
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1 Response to Growing in Grace – Faith

  1. Shola says:

    Reading the piece, i can’t helping feeling the deep spiritual vibes….and the new place you are now..

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