Growing in Grace – Prayer 

Prayer is an important component to your personal relationship with God. It is how you communicate with Him. What I didn’t know, was how often He wants to communicate. I reach out to God with gratitude for another day of life, worship, and in extreme times of need. What I learned is prayer is continual. God wants to talk about the minute details of your life. I always assumed He had more important business to tend to. The truth is He loves me so much that He could never be too busy. And the things I think I’m keeping from Him, He already knows because He is the great I AM! He is the Alpha and the Omega! I feel so foolish not understanding this sooner. As I educate others without judgement, I must do the same for myself. I have changed the conversation and we talk about everything! 

Talking to God hour by hour and minute by minute keeps me in His presence. I have immediately noticed the impact on my day to day life. I pray before difficult conversations, I pray before presentations, I pray to reassess what I’ve witnessed. My mind is at peace and my decisions are clear. I don’t doubt after I have made a decision. I feel freer than I have in my entire life. “He Whispers…” taught me to talk to God. I always reach out to those I trust in times of confusion. I had it all wrong. I needed to talk to God. What kept me from this, was not hearing the answer. I’m learning God doesn’t just speak back in a still small voice. Sometimes He sends others with confirmation. They will answer the very question you asked God, not them. You have no choice but to know the answer came from Him. This type of revelation comes from relationship development. Walking by faith and not by sight gets easier with prayer. If you are focused on God and always talking to God, you have less time and energy to worry. There is a knowing that things will be alright. We think that God is not answering our prayers because the task we asked for was a plan. When the plan doesn’t work out, we think we were denied. I have found that God’s plan was always better and my plans limited His grace. Don’t place limits on the Lord. Talk to Him and share your needs but do not plan for Him. In other words, tell Him the what and not the How!!! Besides, if your plan is approved you may take the credit. When God does it, there is no confusion about who was at work. 

It’s imperative to remember that silence is not necessarily a no. It could mean not right now or ok but there’s a better way. Your role is in knowing the end is for your good and trust the process. Yes what I’m asking is difficult because it is believing what you can’t see and believing in answers you can’t hear. The peace is in perfect patience which is one of my greatest hurdles. But do not wait alone, seek God repeatedly. Just because He knows, doesn’t mean He doesn’t want to hear it from you. Praise Him for the ending even though you’re at the beginning or in the middle. 

God is with you! He will not leave you. He will keep you in times of trouble if you stay close. Relying on Him will show you His mercy. Expect to have your prayers answered without wavering. Be confident with your requests. Know that God hears you and will deliver in one way or another. 🙏🏽
Next week, we’ll focus on Spiritual Battle. The phrase reminds me of the fantastic movie War Room I saw last year. I’d never seen a film focus on the power of prayer and how to win the battle. Looking forward to the upcoming lessons. 
Stay tuned! 
*This series is a summary of my lessons from He Whispers Your Name by Cherie Hill*


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I have no other purpose but to honestly share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping someone else cope with this journey called life.
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