Growing in Grace – Brokenness 

I was very hesitant about this particular week because I like to consider myself whole. The truth is I still have some broken pieces. I wasn’t in the mood to tackle them so I knew it would be a struggle for me. 

Thank God for healing though because it started on Valentines Day and I wasn’t a mess. It started last year but this year I was 100% at peace with my single season. When we’re broken, we find healing in God’s word. He is with you in your pain and your brokenness even when you feel you’re alone. Your job is to remain in His presence. You cannot get to wholeness without going through the process of pain. It’s just not possible. There are some short cuts in life, but this is not one of them! The healing you seek is only found in the hands of God. 

“He Whispers…” says that continual pain and suffering are sometimes part of growing your faith. Other times, the issues that require the most attention are brought to the surface. At first glance, I struggled with this section. I couldn’t see how allowing my to suffer would increase my faith. I had to meditate on that for a minute. And it hit me…long suffering with no vision for a way out draws you closer to God. Then when you are inexplicably pulled out, you have no choice but to know it was the Lord. And if you made it through aaaalllllllllll of that, you are stronger in faith for the next challenge. God is so remarkably brilliant. When you are broken, you know your way didn’t work. You must lean on the Lord. Don’t rely on yourself because your knowledge and resources are limited! ☝🏽 Oh but not God!!!! There are blessings waiting for you so wait with expectancy and hope. 

It hurts so bad sometimes you think it’s the end. You can’t see beyond your circumstances. RUN TO GOD! Turn your worry into worship by thanking Him in advance for working it out. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not done. And cry sometimes…. not that pretty girl cry either.  Im talking about the gut wrenching ugly one. Purging releases the stress in your body. It clears the path for strength to move forward. And don’t think for a second God doesn’t see your tears. He hears you but you have to believe. He will give you beauty for your ashes. Most importantly, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. 

When it comes to dating, I feel God has me on mute. You know someone talks too much so you mute them and do other things? Or on conference calls you continue working? Yep! That’s how I feel when asking for a help meet. I have been muted. It’s only the devil. I know God hasn’t abandoned me. It just feels like it because He is silent. I hear Him in all other conversations but that one. I have come to accept that He is waiting on me. There is something or some things He wants me to fix first. I have to keep seeking Him until I figure it out. Delays shouldn’t cause disappointment because they are purposeful. Trust Him more than you want to because this is where the healing happens (no magic). 

In darkness, it’s common to feel unworthy. Honest moment – I have found myself praying for that mate I didn’t believe I deserved. Could I be any more counter productive?! So since discovery, I have been scratching the surface of why? And I’m acutely aware I will have to go very deep to heal this broken part of me. I must remember that I only need to please Him. Think about it… doesn’t that relieve a tremendous amount of pressure knowing you only have to please one. He’s already made us worthy and He is there to provide comfort and support. 

One of the ways we get stuck in brokenness is focusing on what we don’t have or we had. What is that going to do for you?! Absolutely nothing! But focusing on your blessings will lift your spirits. It will change your thinking and keep you moving forward. Zeroing in on the lack diminishes your faith. If you ever question whether you’re loved, think of God’s sacrifice to free us of our sins. He didn’t have to do it but He did because Je loves us so. 

You may feel empty and depleted. No one but God can fill you up. Our pastor preached on this yesterday, you can’t have other idols. We serve a jealous God. He wants you to put Him first in every area of your life. He is working behind the scenes to grow your faith and increase your relationship. It’s so much easier to fill that void with men/women, alcohol, drugs, the list is endless. It’s insatiable because it’s a God filled hole only. Get rid of things keeping your focus from Him. If you don’t, He will create a way to make you crave Him. It’s never pretty or fun. If you are in need, go back to Him voluntarily. It will save you time and further heartache. He loves you enough to bring you back either way, your choice! Seek Him and his promise is that you be satisfied. 

Have a wonderful week! The next subject in “He Whispers…” is overcoming obstacles so stay tuned. 
*This series is a summary of my lessons from He Whispers Your Name by Cherie Hill* 


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I have no other purpose but to honestly share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping someone else cope with this journey called life.
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