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Still dating at 45…

I don’t know how I ended up here…oh yes I do…I got rid of my husband when I found out he was cheating. All of my younger years, I have gone from one relationship to another. I never took the … Continue reading

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When he likes you but you don’t like him

I touched on this the other day….that I am in this vortex of finding men that I don’t like. As I sit here in Starbucks, I ponder on what to do about a man that I’m getting to know but … Continue reading

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Online Dating and FaceTime

So humans are visually stimulated right???? Online dating has allowed us to pick and choose at first glance. I think we do this offline too but most people probably won’t admit it. Well I will admit if I don’t feel … Continue reading

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Dating After Marriage…

No one gets married to get divorced but things happen. You try to make the relationship work but sometimes it’s just too late. The work needed to happen sooner and now you can’t turn it around. Whatever the cause for … Continue reading

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